per quod

per quod
/par kwod/ Whereby. When the declaration in an action of tort, after stating the acts complained of, goes on to allege the consequences of those acts as a ground of special damage to the plaintiff, the recital of such consequences is prefaced by these words, "per quod," whereby; and sometimes the phrase is used as the name of that clause of the declaration or complaint.
At the common law, "per quod" acquired two meanings in the law of defamation: when used in the frame of reference of slander it meant proof of special damages was required and when used in the frame of reference of libel it meant that proof of extrinsic circumstances was required. General Motors Corp. v. Piskor, 27 Md.App. 95, 340 A.2d 767, 783.
See also libelous per quod. Words "actionable per quod" are those not actionable per se upon their face, but are only actionable in consequence of extrinsic facts showing circumstances under which they were said or the damages resulting to slandered party therefrom.
See also actionable per quod

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